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Projects Management System
Multiple projects are managed by this single system.
Laser Pointer Pen
Presentations can be made effective with this device.

Inventory Management System
Inventory of any size of organization can be managed by this system.

Breath Analyzer
Using this device, alcohol consumption can be measured. Useful for driving individuals.

ERP System
Resources of any size of organization can be planned and managed by this system.
Counter Token Devices
Useful in Hospitals, Banks, etc, where Queues are formed. Queue management.
Engineering College Management System
With this system, resources, students, teachers, and whole of the college can be managed.
Room Calling Device
Useful in Hotels, Hospitals, etc., can also manage big apartments.
School Management System
This system helps to manage any school its teacher, students, parents, classes, exams, all related.
Hospital Management System
Each hospital can manage its resources, patients, doctors, nurses, medicine, etc., with this system.
Documents Management System
All the office documents, which require to review / approve, and store them for future use require this Document Management System.
Accounting System
All organizations, which deal with money require a sort of accounting. Professional accounting is provided by this software product.
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